All WaiWai EPL matches to be broadcasted live

An agreement between Kantipur Media Group and Zohra Sports Management (ZSM), organizers of the WaiWai EPL , by virtue of which Kantipur Gold will telecast all 16 matches of the league live. An official press release regarding the same has been made public today.

The release quotes Amir Akhtar, MD of ZSM : “This is a historic understanding by any private television company in Nepal to support Nepali cricket to this level. With this, the deserving players will be able to showcase their talent on a digital platform and sponsors will get the decent exposure to their brands investing in the event. This is also historic that no private television has covered 16 continuous cricket matches in Nepal so far and now it shall be the benchmark”

The organizers have also stated that the tickets are free for the tournament and therefore expects a healthy turnout. It has further stated that the organizers are working out measures to ensure spectators get full entertainment in the venue. The tournament will begin on September 24 with the final being played on October 3rd.

थप समाचार

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