Winner Tribhuwan Army Club

After plenty of failures from Namibia to Kirtipur, Naresh Budhayer found solace helping Tribhuvan Army Club win their maiden Senior National One-Day final. Naresh scored a patient fifty scoring 53 off 97 balls including 3 fours and one match winning six.

TAC was struggling at 2 for 33 when they lost both the highest scorers of the tournament, Mahesh Chhetri & Anil Mandal for duck & 15 runs respectively. Yagyaman Kumal & Arif Shiekh gave some early momentum to APF defending a paltry score of 165 runs. Anil Mandal was out irresponsibly trying to pull the short ball ending up giving an easy catch to wicket keeper Subash Khakurel.

However, skipper Binod Bhandari & struggling batsman Naresh Budhayer started the repair work with Bhandari being the aggressor and Naresh accumulator to bring the momentum back in TAC’s camp. Binod scored 3 fours and 2 sixes in his 48 runs when he fell short of his fifty by 2 runs trying to slog sweep a Basant Regmi delivery. He was out LBW.

Bhandari was followed by quick wickets of Rahul Vishwakarma & Sunam Gautam to keep TAC reeling on 5 for 107 runs. Naresh Budhayer played a smart innings defending Basant Regmi deliveries and scored his way through his first fifty in almost eternity.

Rajesh Pulami played a perfect foil to Naresh scoring 35 runs at the end of the innings finishing the match for TAC adding 52 runs. Naresh Budhayer was adjudged man of the match.

Earlier, TAC won the toss and elected to bowl first as they kept pressure by picking up regular wickets. Subash Khakurel was dismissed by a Avinash Karn delivery whereas Sompal Kami reduced Paresh Lohani to send both the batsmen for ducks. Pradeep Airee & Paras Khadka showed some resistance but were outfoxed by spinners.

Batting at no. 8 Gyanendra Malla and Basant Regmi scored valuable runs at the end of the APF innings to give their bowlers something to fight for. It wasn’t enough.

Jeetendra Mukhiya looked in great rhythm as he delivered his trademark yorkers to dismiss three batsman on the day. He was supported by Sagar Pun and Avinash Karn’s 2 wickets each.


Anil Mandal was adjudged best batsman of the tournament award. Mahesh Chhetri took the most decorated award of the night named player of the tournament. Baitadi’s Yogendra Karki took the emerging player of the series award for his all round performance throughout the tournament. Prizes were given by Chief Guest Honorable Minister for Youth & Sports Mr. Purusottam Poudel, Mr. Deepak Koirala (Acting President of CAN), Mr. Keshav Ghimire (Vice President of CAN), Mr. Uttam Kumar Karmacharya (Acting General Secretary of CAN), Mr. Bipat Ram Chaudhary (Member of CAN).


Best Bowler: Kamal Airee {Region No. 6 (Baitadi)}

Match Inng. Overs Maiden Runs Wickets Average Strike Rate Economy Best Bowling
5 5 38.5 7 100 16 6.25 14.56 2.58 6-10

 Best Batsman: Anil Mandal (Tribhbuwan Army Club)

Match Innings N.O Runs Balls Faced Average Strike Rate H. Score 100/50
5 5 286 359 57.20 79.67 114 2/1

 Player of the Tournament: Mahesh Chhetri (Tribhbuwan Army Club)

Match Innings N.O Runs Balls Faced Average Strike Rate H. Score 100/50
7 7 384 495 54.86 77.58 134 1/3

Emerging Player of the Tournament: Yogendra Karki {R-6 (Baitadi)}

Match Inng. Overs Maiden Runs Wickets Average Strike Rate Economy Best Bowling
5 5 50.0 6 199 14 14.21 21.43 3.98 5-15
Match Innings N.O Runs Balls Faced Average Strike Rate H. Score 100/50
5 5 1 132 140 33.00 94.29 83 -/1

Cash Prizes:

Winner: Trophy + Rs. 2,00,000
Runner Up: Trophy + Rs. 1,25,000
Player of the Series: Trophy + Rs. 30,000
Best Batsman: Trophy + Rs. 20,000
Best Bowler: Trophy + Rs. 20,000
Emerging Player of the Series: Trophy + Rs. 10,000

थप समाचार

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महेन्द्र नारायण निधि प्रदेशस्तरिय क्रिकेट : सप्तरी, पर्सा र बारा सेमीफाइनलमा

राजबिराजमा संचालित महेन्द्र नारायण निधि प्रदेश स्तरिय क्रिकेट प्रतियाेगिता सेमिफाईनलमा सप्तरी तथा पर्सा र बारा प्रवेश गरेका छन। आइतबार लिग […]

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