Nepal Vs MCC Live Cricket Score, Commentary


Acharya Anurag July 19, 20162:23 pm

Hello everyone, and welcome to the live commentary of Nepal vs MCC match played at Lord’s Cricket Ground. This is Birat Raya bringing you live coverage of the match.

Acharya Anurag July 19, 20162:24 pm

The match is scheduled to begin at 3:15 Nepal Standard Time.

The players have already reached the ground and are warming up.
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20162:35 pm

Hello! everyone to this historic moment, the one every Nepalese fan has been waiting for ages. Yes! its Lord”s where the triangular Nepali flag will fly high. Its me Sameer Niraula who will join Birat Raya for the initial phase of the match and be assured we have a huge bunch of fun ready to be delivered to you.

Birat Raya July 19, 20162:48 pm

Captain Paras Khadka inspecting the pitch ahead of the match.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20162:57 pm

The team list is here. SHAKTI GAUCHAN has not been included in the playing 11.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20163:01 pm

TOSS :- Nepal has won the toss and surprise surprise, opted to bat first

Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:06 pm

Here’s the Team List. 43 year old Keith Dutch will captain the MCC side. Kiwi teenager who hit 6 sixes in an over against Duke of Norfolk will keep wickets.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:13 pm

Home of Cricket is alive today with tunes of Naumati Baja played by The First Naumati Baja Gulmi(a traditional pipe band of Nepal). Its basically Nepal Day of Lords today. Terrific atmosphere.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20163:16 pm

Its not just that Nepal is experiencing something like never before but the same can be said for the iconic ground – its experiencing something like never before – Nepal.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:17 pm

Alex Senneck 40 year old to Malla for first over.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:18 pm

0.2 Short ball, Malla rocks to back foot and guides to the third man area for four.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:20 pm

0.6 Short again, no pace, Malla punches through cover for another FOUR.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:21 pm
End of 1st Over
Nepal 8/0
Malla 8(6)
Mandal 0(0)
Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:26 pm
End of 2nd Over
Nepal 12/0
Malla 10
Mandal 2
Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:28 pm

The English commentators seem to been incredibly confused about who is who. The player batting right now is Malla, not Mandal.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:29 pm

2.6 Senneck on the pads, clips it for FOUR. Classic Malla

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20163:30 pm

Basically Malla is hitting all those classy shots and English commentators are crediting them to Mandal.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:33 pm

3.2 OUT. Chad to Mandal, short – pitched on middle stump lines, hint of away swing – Mandal get a leading edge and Chad completes an easy catch. Nepal 18/1

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20163:37 pm

End of 4th over wicket maiden Nepal 18/1

Malla 16* Vesawakar 0*
Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:37 pm
End of 4th Over
Nepal 18/1
Malla 16
Vesawakar 0
Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:39 pm

4.1 FOUR Senneck to Malla, Senneck on to Malla’s pads again and classic Malla clip for FOUR. Senneck is finding it hard to find a good line

Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:40 pm
End of 5th Over
Nepal 23/1
Malla 21
Vesawakar 0
Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:42 pm

Brilliant running between the wicket between Vesawkar and Malla in the first two balls.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:44 pm
End of 6th Over
Nepal 25/1
Malla 22
Vesawkar 1
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20163:44 pm

Bhaskar is a separate name and Vesawkar is our player’s surname, maybe our captain should clarify it to commentators in the presentation ceremony.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:45 pm

Steve Clark replaces Senneck.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:48 pm

Steve Clark with just 3 balls looks the most dangerous among the three bowlers we have seen. Good pace, hits the deck hard and in good areas. He was member of MCC’s tour to Nepal last year.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:50 pm

6.5 Bad ball and punished by Vesawkar. Full, outside off – almost a gift for player of caliber of Vesawkar.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:54 pm
End of 8th Over
Nepal 33/1
Malla 23
Vesawkar 6
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20163:55 pm

So these guys (commentators) very proudly say no. we know nothing about players & team that played a WC. The root of all evils of cricket lies exactly here

Arun Upreti July 19, 20163:58 pm
End of 9th Over
Nepal 34/1
Malla 23
Vesawkar 7
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20164:01 pm

Looks like commentators will give us a chance to pounce on them every over. One over before they said they know nothing about Nepal and now they are saying Nepali players mainly learnt cricket through T20.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:03 pm

9.5 Chad to Vesawkar, Poor ball, wide outside off, Vesawkar finds the fielder in the boundary for just 1 run.

Birat Raya July 19, 20164:04 pm

Playing XI of Nepal

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:04 pm

10.1 Clark to Vesawkar, on to Vesawkar’s legs clips it for FOUR. MCC bowlers finding out that its not just India and Sri Lanka who are good off their pads.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:07 pm

WOW. Brave shot. Over the mid on for FOUR. Nepal 46/1

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:09 pm
End of 11th Over
Nepal 46/1
Malla 23
Vesawkar 16
Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:11 pm

Richard Wilkinson replaces Clark, he has 5 FC matches to his name with 5 wickets and 119 runs.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:13 pm
End of 12th Over
Nepal 50/1
Malla 24
Vesawkar 19
Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:15 pm

12.1 FOUR Clark to Vesawkar, played it through the vacant 2nd slip. Easy! Vesawkar moves to 23

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:16 pm

12.2 FOUR, Ckark to Vesawkar, same site but it wasn’t intentional this time. Outside edge all along the ground. Vesawkar on 27

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20164:17 pm

Vesawkar finding some cheeky ways to keep the scores moving.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:19 pm

OUT! Vesawkar gets an inside edge to a full and straight delivery – the leg stump is knocked out of the ground.

Nepal 58/2
Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:20 pm

Commentators “Paras Khadka is Sachin Tendulkar of Nepal cricket”, Yes, Sachin but much better with the ball.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:21 pm

Khadka off the mark first ball. On his pads whips for a single.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:21 pm
End of 13th Over
Nepal 59/2
Malla 24
Khadka 1
Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:22 pm

13.1 Two runs to Khadka. Nepal 61/2. Khadka 3

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:22 pm

MCC bowlers keeping things simple. Straight balls, no pace, no swing.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:26 pm
End of 14th Over
Nepal 62/2
Malla 24
Khadka 4
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20164:29 pm

Malla looks well set to get a good score today. Or perhaps, well set to mistime a sweep or a reverse sweep anytime.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:29 pm
End of 15th Over
Nepal 65/2
Malla 25
Khadka 5
Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:33 pm

Wilkinson to Khadka, full deliver and Khadka elegantly picks it up, down and straight for his first boundary. He moves on to 9.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:35 pm

Keith Dutch, MCC captain with the ball. He used to be an offspinner allrounder when he played.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:37 pm

Dutch has 72 First Class caps to his name with 2386 runs and 115 wickets. He has also played 168 List A matches with 2367 wickets and 160 wickets

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:38 pm

Dutch has 72 First Class caps to his name with 2386 runs and 115 wickets. He has also played 168 List A matches with 2367 wickets and 160 wickets

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:39 pm
End of 17th Over
Nepal 75/2
Malla 28
Khadka 11
Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:45 pm

Keith to Khadka, classic Khadka, almost a slog sweep to cow corner. He moves on to 18.

Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:46 pm
End of 20th Over
Nepal 86/2
Malla 34
Khadka 18
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20164:48 pm

Malla and Khadka both milking the spinner for some easy singles.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20164:49 pm

End of the over Nepal 89/2

Malla 34 Khadka 21
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20164:50 pm

SIX !!!!!!! First six of the match for Nepal and its Khadka who hits a slog sweep to mid wicket.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20164:51 pm

End of the 21st over Nepal 96-2

Malla 34* Khaska 28*
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20164:52 pm

21.1 A powerful shot through cover fetches Khadka 3 runs as he narrowly misses out on a boundary.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20164:54 pm

21.4 Malla dispatches a leg stump half volley to mid wicket boundary which completes 100 runs for Nepal.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20164:55 pm

End of the 22nd over Nepal 104-2 Run Rate 4.72

Malla 39 Khadka 31
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20164:58 pm

OUT !!!!! Malla is dismissed of a rather ordinary ball, caught and bowled by the skipper Keith Dutch.

Sagar Pun joins Khadka in the crease.
Arun Upreti July 19, 20164:58 pm

Clinton Parren(41 years) and Keith Dutch(43 years) are the most experienced players in the MCC squad. Dutch with 2386 runs and 72 wickets in FC matches, and Clinton with 4785 runs and 2 wickets.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:00 pm

Sagar Pun looks rather nervy in his first few balls.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:01 pm

End of the 23rd over Nepal 106-3

Run Rate 4.60
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:02 pm

Left arm spinner Marc Reingold into the attack.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:04 pm

OUT !!!!! Khadka is dismissed off a careless shot caught by Steve Clark off the left arm spinner.

Nepal 107-4
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:09 pm

End of the 25th over Nepal 107-4 Run Rate 4.28

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:11 pm

25.1 FOUR Raju Rijal hits a well timed shot through the covers to get off the mark.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:12 pm

FUN FACT :- Raju Rijal has played four matches in this tour and is yet to be dismissed.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:14 pm

End of the 26th over Nepal 112-4

Birat Raya July 19, 20165:16 pm

Paras Khadka scored 30 runs in 28 balls with 1 six & 2 fours.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:17 pm

Both the spinners – off spinner Keith Dutch and left armer Marc Reingold causing some real problems to Nepali batsmen as they have managed only 2 in last 11 balls.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:19 pm

End of the 27th over Nepal 114-4

Pun 4* Rijal 5*
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:22 pm

Pun on 5 and Rijal on 6 as Nepalese batsmen are finding it tough to maintain a good momentum.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:23 pm

End of the 27th over Nepal 114-4

Pun 4* Rijal 5*
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:26 pm

Nepal 121 for 4 (31.3 overs) (18.3 Overs Remaining)

Perhaps the time to increase the gears.
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:27 pm

Raju survives a close call as the ball lands on no man’s land.

Nepal 122-4 in 32 overs.
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:29 pm

Raju Rijal finding some touch as a couple of twos and a single gets him to 15.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:30 pm

Nepal 130-4 in 33 overs

Rijal 15* Pun 8*
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:33 pm

The man with a mystery age but a clear way of batting hits a boundary after running three earlier in the over,

Rijal 22*
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:34 pm

A cheeky late cut by Rijal takes him to 24.

Nepal 140-4 in 34 overs.
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:35 pm

CHANCE !!!!! Another one lands in vaccant areas as Pun survives a scare.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:36 pm

OUT !!!!!! Raju is dismissed immediately the next ball as he tries to get little too clever and loses his wicket through a decent catch by Sennik.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:39 pm

End of the 35th over Nepal 142-5

Pun 12* Bhandari 0*
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:40 pm

With that skipper Dutch ends his brilliant spell on 10-1-36-2

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:43 pm

4 runs from the 36th over takes Nepal to 146-5.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:44 pm

Change of bowling as off spinner Clinton Perren replaces the skipper who completed his spell last over.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:46 pm

Pun on 15 and Bhandari on 4 as Nepal taking some well earnt singles.

Nepal 152-5 in 37.
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:53 pm

End of 39th over Nepal 162-5.

Interesting battle going on here as the pitch is getting slower. Nepal’s total could actually prove to be little more challenging than what normal wisdom suggests.
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:57 pm

Excellent running from Sagar Pun there as he converts a single to double.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20165:58 pm

End of the 40th over Nepal 168-4 Run Rate 4.2

Pun 23 Bhandari 9
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:00 pm

OUT !!!! Bhandari gets dismissed off a ugly hoick towards mid wicket caught by Barrett off Perren.

nepal 169-5
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:01 pm

OUT !!!! Bhandari gets dismissed off a ugly hoick towards mid wicket caught by Barrett off Perren.

Nepal 169-6
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:02 pm

Sompal Kami comes to the crease.

Maybe the most underrated Nepali batsman will finally show us what he is made of in the most iconic of the venues.
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:03 pm

End of the 41st over Nepal 171-6

Pun 26* Kami 0*
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:07 pm

BOWLED !!!!!!! Sagar Pun bowled by Barrett for 26 as he misses a full ball that slightly touched his pads,

Nepal 174-7
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:09 pm

HAHAHA !!!!!! Commentators calls him Basanti but we all know who he is.

Basant Regmi joins Kami in the crease.
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:13 pm

End of the 43rd over Nepal 177-7

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:14 pm

Hesitation between Kami and Regmi but they finally get the single.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:17 pm

Everytime we see Nepal scoring runs, we hear a huge roar from the crowd. The expectation is of 5000 and we might be close to the estimated number.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:18 pm

Nepal 182-7 with 6 overs to go as chants of NEPAL NEPAL reberverate around the Lord”s.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:19 pm

Kami attempts a whack over cover but times the ball only upto the fielder.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:21 pm

FOUR !!!!!! A boundary after a while as Regmi gets an edge through the keeper. Regmi into the double figures.

Nepal 189-7 in 45 overs
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:22 pm

Kami punches through the covers for a single.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:23 pm

Nepal scoring some useful runs here as Kami and Regmi are taking some sensible singles.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:24 pm

Nepal 195-7 in 46… Nepal might look for 20-30 more to feel relieved.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:27 pm

FOUR !!!!!! 200 for Nepal as Basant Regmi hits one through to the boundary.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:28 pm

Nepal 201-7 in 47 overs.

Sompal Kami up against the seamer Barrett.
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:29 pm

Barrett digs one onto the pitch but its a WIDE.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:31 pm

Basant Regmi plays out two dots – first a middle stump yorker squeezed to mid on and next a miss to a wide yorker.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:33 pm

End of 48th over 206-7

Barrett bowls an over with almost everything in it – full tosses yorkers and wides but managed to give away only 5.
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:36 pm

Nepalese batsmen are struggling to find the boundaries but are still managing singles within quick interval. Given the slowness of the match, it could well be the right approach.

Partnership 38 between Kami and Regmi.
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:37 pm

Nepal 212-7 with the last over to go… Kami on 18 to take the strike first up in last over.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:38 pm

Two singles and a missed hoick off the first three balls.

Nepal 214-7 with 3 balls to go.
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:40 pm

WIDE and RUN OUT !!!!! Kami sacrifices his wicket after he set off too early from the non striker end while Basant was still watching the ball.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:41 pm

Regmi misses the fifth ball as Shakti Gauchan joins him on non striker end.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:42 pm

END OF 50 OVERS !!!!!!!

Nepal 217-8 Regmi 24*
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20166:50 pm

Nepali innings looked almost like a local bus running through the cities of Nepal with every quick movement hampered by a jolt of break. 6 batsmen reached 20 but non managed to get to the forties. Still, its a slow turner at the Lords and with the possibility of bowling 4 spinners if needed, we might be in for a tasty chase.

We will be back bringing you all the action in around 30 minutes. Stay tuned.
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:24 pm

Welcome back to the live coverage of the MCC’s batting innings. 218 normally do not look a daunting figure when we talk about chases in Lord’s but its a slightluly different Lord’s today as spinners are finding some real turn from the track and Nepal has an army of them.

The MCC openers George Adair and Steve Clark are on the crease and Sompal Kami has the new ball in his hands.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:28 pm

Four good delivers from Sompal to begin the procedings. No run yet on the board.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:29 pm

MAIDEN OVER!!!!!!! MCC 0-0 after 1 overs.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:30 pm

Paras Khadka with his seam ups begins the second over for Nepal.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:33 pm

10 balls into the chase and MCC are yet to trouble the scorers. Raju Rijal seems to be a busy man as the batsmen are leaving most deliveries.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:34 pm

Second maiden in a row,, MCC 0-0 after 2 overs.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:34 pm

First aggressive shot of the day in thhe first ball of the third over but it goes straight to the point fielder.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:36 pm

First run of the inning as Clark earns a single through a well taken single off a flick to mid on.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:37 pm

Kami beats Adair off a great delivery but the batsmen misses the outside edge.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:38 pm

2.6 FOUR Adair times the bowl well to fetch a good boundary.

MCC 5-0 in 3 overs Clark 1* Adair 4*
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:41 pm

FOUR !!!!! A fluent cover drive from Steve Clark off Khadka’s ball and now we have both batsmen with a boundary each.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:42 pm

MCC 12-0 of 4 overs. Kami continues from the Nursery End.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:45 pm

CLOSE CALL !!!!!!! Malla creates an oppertunity as he attempts a run out in the non striker end but the batsman is already home.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:46 pm

End of the 5th over MCC 13-0.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:52 pm

Some old-fashioned one day cricket going on here as batsmen are playing cautiously to good deliveries.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:54 pm

End of the 7th over MCC 18-0.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:57 pm

Nepali fielders showing real intent here as they are trying to save each run.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20167:59 pm

7.4 FOUR Adair scores his second boundary ot the afternoon as his times the ball well through the covers.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20168:00 pm

End of 8th over MCC 23-0.. Sompal with his fifth over.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20168:01 pm

Athleticism on display from Kami as he saves a well timed straight drive in his follow through.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20168:06 pm

End of 10th over 29-0

Clark 15* Adair 12*
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20168:07 pm

First signs of spin as Shakti Gauchan comes into the attack.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20168:09 pm

APPEAl !!!! Strong appeal from Gauchan for lbw but the batsmen is safe.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20168:12 pm

BRILLIANT !!!! Brilliant fielding by Bhandari as he saves a certain boundary. Batsmen run two in the meantime.

Birat Raya July 19, 20168:17 pm

Bowled !! him , 1st wicket for Nepal, S Clark ( 16 ) gone. Shakti Gauchan strikes.

MCC 35/1 ( 12.2 Overs )
Birat Raya July 19, 20168:19 pm

MCC 35 for 1 (13.0 overs) Runs req’d 183 off 37 overs (222 balls)

Birat Raya July 19, 20168:22 pm

Wicket ! another gone , Sagar Pun strikes this time for Nepal. GD Philips ( 0 ) bowled by Pun.

MCC : 36/2 ( 13.4 Overs )

Birat Raya July 19, 20168:32 pm

Just a single run from the over of Sagar Pun.

MCC : 41/2 ( 16 Overs )
Birat Raya July 19, 20168:32 pm

MCC 42 for 2 (16.2 overs) Runs req’d 176 off 33.4 overs (202 balls)

Birat Raya July 19, 20168:39 pm

Out ! Another one by Sagar Pun , CT Perren ( 3 ) LBW .

MCC : 44/3 ( 17.5 Overs ) . 174 off 32.1 overs (193 balls)
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20168:50 pm

Huge appeal from the bowler Basant Regmi but the batsmen is safe.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20168:52 pm

George Adair, the opening batsmen going strong despite the fall of wickets at te other end.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20168:55 pm

FOUR !!!!! JM Ovary dispaches Sagar Pun through to the boundary.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20169:01 pm

Crowd mostly quite at the moment as some slow and steady cricket going on in the center..

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20169:03 pm

OUT !!!!!! Sagar Pun is on fire today, third wicket of the day for him as he traps Ovary leg before wicket.

MCC 72-4 at the end of 24 overs.
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20169:07 pm

25.1 Regmi to Adair, FOUR Adair hits a strong sweep towards fine leg and keeps a seemingly lone battle going.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20169:08 pm

Just four from that over.

MCC 76-4 in 26
Sameer Niraula July 19, 20169:11 pm

2nd maiden over of the day for Sagar Pun.

MCC 76-4 in 27 overs
Manoj Ghimire July 19, 20169:14 pm

Batsmen are finding difficulties to face Nepalese spinners as they are losing continuous wickets.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20169:16 pm

Here we have, leg spinner Sandeep Lamichhane into the attack for the first time on the day on the 28th over.

Manoj Ghimire July 19, 20169:16 pm

Sandeep comes up with the bowl but Adair swept him to reach his 50.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20169:17 pm

FOUR !!!!!! And its fifty for Adair, the first batsmen to reach the landmark today.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20169:19 pm

End of the 28th over MCC 83-4

Birat Raya July 19, 20169:20 pm

Sagar Pun celebrating his wicket

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20169:35 pm

SIX !!!!!1 Basant Regmi to Adair. A slog sweep from the well set man.

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20169:36 pm

TWO IN A ROW !!!!!!! Almost identical from Adair.. MCC 107-4

Sameer Niraula July 19, 20169:38 pm

OUT !!!!! Sandeep Lamichhane to Mike Coles… The batsmen is out caught by Bhandari as Nepal tighten the screws on the match.

Manoj Ghimire July 19, 20169:42 pm

Bowling change. Shakti Gauchan comes in place of Basant Regmi.

Manoj Ghimire July 19, 20169:54 pm

MCC XI: 113/5 after 35 overs.

Sandip to continue from another end. Slight appeal in the 1st ball. Batsmen swings- no connection.
Pull shot for 2 runs in the third ball.
4th ball dot.
5th ball four between deep midwicket and deep square leg.

Batsman misses the 6th ball hit on the pad.

Manoj Ghimire July 19, 20169:57 pm

MCC XI 134/5 (38.3 overs)

37.6 Set man Adair slogs Sandip Lamichhane for the maximum.
Subash Banjade July 19, 201610:04 pm

MCC XI 143/5

Sompal is back for pursuit of much needed wicket.

Subash Banjade July 19, 201610:06 pm

MCC XI 143/5

Sompal is back for pursuit of much needed wicket.

Subash Banjade July 19, 201610:08 pm

Last delivery of Sompal. Dot ball. Tight over this.

Manoj Ghimire July 19, 201610:08 pm

MCC XI required 70 off 9 overs (54 balls). GA Adair is into his ninties.

Manoj Ghimire July 19, 201610:09 pm

Drinks break !!!

Subash Banjade July 19, 201610:11 pm

MCC XI 148/5

Game going on for a tight finish. GA Adair displaying how to convert a start to a substantial and match winning performance.
Subash Banjade July 19, 201610:13 pm

Sagar arrives to bowl. Pitch slow. No sharp turn thus singles are available.

Subash Banjade July 19, 201610:16 pm

42 over done. Sompal on attack. OUtside edge, dive from Rijal. Dropped.

Manoj Ghimire July 19, 201610:19 pm

42.4: Full delivery from Kami and the ball kisses the off stump and Wilkinson is clean bowled.

Subash Banjade July 19, 201610:19 pm
50 partnership of 57 balls.
Subash Banjade July 19, 201610:21 pm

MCC XI 157/6

Subash Banjade July 19, 201610:23 pm

Sagar pun to bowl. Spinner and finishing over. Thrilling possibility.

Subash Banjade July 19, 201610:26 pm

MCC XI 160/6

Sagar pun finishes his quota.
Manoj Ghimire July 19, 201610:26 pm

After 44 overs MCC need 58 runs to win. Only two runs from Sagar Pun’s over and Sompal to continue from another end.

Subash Banjade July 19, 201610:27 pm

MCC XI 161/6

Sompal continues.

GA Adair on 98

Subash Banjade July 19, 201610:30 pm

MCC XI 167/6

<font color="373a3c“>FOUR
<font color="373a3c“>sompal attempted yorker thundered for a boundary.
<font color="373a3c“>
Manoj Ghimire July 19, 201610:31 pm

44.6: Full delivery on the pads and save possible single on his followthrough. MCC XI need 50 off 4.4 overs.

Subash Banjade July 19, 201610:31 pm

MCC XI 167/6

<font color="373a3c“>FOUR
<font color="373a3c“>sompal attempted yorker thundered for a boundary.
<font color="373a3c“>
Subash Banjade July 19, 201610:32 pm

<font color="373a3c“>GA Adair completes a magnificent 100

<font color="373a3c“>
Manoj Ghimire July 19, 201610:33 pm

Captain Dutch dismissed off Basant Regmi.

Manoj Ghimire July 19, 201610:36 pm

WICKET!!! Finally Adair is dismissed off Regmi. Big appeal of caught behind and umpire says that’s the wicket. Brilliant century from him.

Manoj Ghimire July 19, 201610:43 pm

46.5: Full length delivery once again from Sompal, inside edge and gone for four between the keeper and leg slip.

Manoj Ghimire July 19, 201610:45 pm

41 runs victory for the Nepal.

Manoj Ghimire July 19, 201610:48 pm

Nepal 217/8 (50 overs) beat MCC XI 176/10 (47.2 overs) by 41 runs and players are coming out to say Thank You to the fans who are attending the match.

Acharya Anurag July 19, 201611:07 pm

So Nepal win their first ever match at Lords. This is a historic occasion indeed. It has been a great game of cricket.

Acharya Anurag July 19, 201611:08 pm

The match, we must note, was organized as a part of the celebration of 200 years of friendship between Nepal and Britain. May this sport serve as one of the medium for the two nations in the future as well.

Acharya Anurag July 19, 201611:10 pm

And on that note, we take leave from you. Thank you for tuning in to our live coverage. Hope you enjoyed the coverage. We will be back with Nepal’s upcoming World Cricket League Championship matches next month. Until then this is goodbye.

Acharya Anurag July 19, 201611:11 pm

Thank you and good night.