Panchakanya Tez vs Jagdamba Rhinos Live Cricket Score, Commentary

Ayush Gautam September 25, 20161:09 pm

Thank you every one for Being with us thought the innings.
We will be back with live updates from second match between Kantipur Gurkhas and Sagarmatha Legends.
Till then its me Ayush and Birat signing off for now.

Thank you

Ayush Gautam September 25, 20161:07 pm

Panchakanya Tez won the game by 6 wickets in hand.

Good Start for the Defending Champions as this will certainly help to boost the morale and confidence of the youngster and all the members in the Dressing Room
Ayush Gautam September 25, 20161:04 pm

Thats gone for a huge SIX FROM Aarif Sheikh bat over long on.

Aarif finishes the game in style
Ayush Gautam September 25, 20161:02 pm

Dipendra Airee on fire, thats a huge six over long off from Dipendra Singh Airee bat

Ayush Gautam September 25, 20161:02 pm

End of 18 over :

Panchakanya Tez 116 for 4
Panchkanya Tez Requires 14 runs from 12 balls
Ayush Gautam September 25, 20161:01 pm

Looks like Aarif has Laid down to the role that he has been assigned, quick singles and some big shots in between, Aarif is close towards taking his team towards Victory

Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:59 pm

End of 17th over

Panchakanya Tez : 111 for 4
Tez requires 21 runs from 18 balls
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:57 pm

Four by Aarif Sheikh

Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:54 pm

Sompal Kami back Into the attack in 17th over

Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:53 pm

End of 16th Over

Panchakanya Tez : 100 for 4
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:51 pm

Nizamuddin Halwai breaks down an impressive Partnership between Prithu Baskota and Aarif Sheikh
Prithu Dismissed for 48 Runs

Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:49 pm

End of Over : 15

Panchakanya Tez : 97 for 3
Prithu Baskota : 48*
Aarif Sheikh : 17*
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:47 pm

FOUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Prithu Baskota
Back to Back Boundaries for Prithu Baskota
Prithu Baskota close to His Half Century
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:46 pm


Reverse Sweep by Prithu Baskota .
Prithu Baskota Making a impact in the game after a long time
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:45 pm

End of over : 14

Panchakanya Tez : 88 for 3
Aarif Sheikh : 17*
Prithu Baskota: 39*
Panchakanya Tej require another 42 runs with 7 wickets and 36 balls remaining
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:44 pm

Prithu Baskota dropped by Prem Tamang

this might be the Turning point of the match for Jagdamba Rhinos
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:43 pm

Brilliant Partnership Going on between Aarif Sheikh and Prithu Baskota. Rhinos definitely need wicket Shakti Gauchan has stepped in for Bowling to break down this Partnership

Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:40 pm

End of 13th over

Panchakanya Tez : 82 for 3
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:39 pm

Aarif Sheikh stepped out of the crease and went for a big one straight into the Panchakanya Tez Fans side

Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:38 pm

End of 12 overs

Panchakanya Tez : 74 For 3
Prithu Baskota: 33*
Aarif Sheikh: 9*
Panchakanya Tez Requires 56 runs to win from 48 balls with 7 wicket in hand
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:35 pm

Prithu Baskota coming back after an Injury is playing a sensible innings to hold the Panchakanya Innings from One End .

Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:34 pm

End of over 11

Panchakanya Tez 69 for 3
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:32 pm

FOUR !!!!!!!!!! By Aarif Sheikh

Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:31 pm

Aarif Sheikh enters the Field as a new Batsman after Sharad Veswakar Dismissal

Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:29 pm

Prem Tamang beaks down the partnership Between Sharad Veswakar and Prithu Basskota.

Sharad Veswakar Departs for 27 runs
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:28 pm

End of over 10

Panchakanya Tez : 63 for 2
Prithu Baskota 31*
Sharad Veswakar:27*
Panchakanya Tej require a 67 runs with 8 wickets in hand
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:27 pm


Over Pitched ball and Prithu has Capitalized the opportunity to smash it over Square Leg
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:25 pm


Edged and gone for four behind Mahesh Chetteri
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:24 pm

After an Early Breakthrough in Panchakanya Tez Innings Captain Sharad Veswakar and Prithu Baskota is playing a sensible innings form both the end

Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:22 pm

Brilliant Partnership Going on Between Sharad Veswakar and Prithu Baskota.

End of over 9
Panchakanya Tez : 47 for 2
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:19 pm

End of Over 8

Panchakanya Tez 43 for 2
Prithu Baskota :16*
Sharad Veswakar: 24
Ayush Gautam September 25, 201612:18 pm

SIX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prithu Strikes
Birat Raya September 25, 201612:13 pm

End of 7 Overs :

Panchakanya Tez : 32/2

Birat Raya September 25, 201612:11 pm

Four!!!!!!!!!!! By Prithu Baskota

Birat Raya September 25, 201612:10 pm

End of over 6

Panchakanya Tez : 26 for 2
Sharad Veswakar : 19*
Prithu Baskota : 4*
Birat Raya September 25, 201612:02 pm

End of Over 4

Panchakanya Tez : 22 for 2
Birat Raya September 25, 201612:02 pm

Four !!!!!!!!!!!

Back to Back Boundaries from Captain Sharad Veswakar
Birat Raya September 25, 201612:01 pm

Four !!!!!!!!!!!!

By Sharad Veswakar
Mr Reliable taking his team out of pressure Situation
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:56 am

Four !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful back foot Punch by Sharad Veswakar
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:54 am

Sompal Kami Back into the Bowling Attack

Birat Raya September 25, 201611:53 am

End of over 2

Panchakanya Tez : 7 for 2
Sharad Veswakar : 5*
Prithu Baskota: 0*
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:49 am

Four !!!!!!!!!!!!

By Sharad Veswakar
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:47 am

Maiden over for 2 wicket

Sompal Kami is going Damii
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:46 am

Sompal Kami Strikes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanjay Shrestha departs
Sompal is producing some sensation in in the bowling department
Panchakanya Tez 0 for 2 wickets
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:44 am

Sompal Kami is on Fire, Beautiful Swing for Sompal as the Batsman are Finding Difficult to play

Birat Raya September 25, 201611:44 am

Sharad Veswakar enteres the Field as a new Batsman

Birat Raya September 25, 201611:42 am

Wicket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like today is not Sunday its a Sompal Day.
Sompal Strikes
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:28 am

End of 20th over

Jagdamba Rhinos : 129 for 4
Shakti Gauchan : 29*
Sompal Kami 43*
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:27 am

SIX !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sompal Kami on fire
3 sixes in an Over
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:26 am

Six !!!!!!!!! by Sompal Kami over Long on

Birat Raya September 25, 201611:25 am

Karan kc to Sompal

Gone Gone and straight over the Boundary Line
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:22 am

End of Over 19

Jagdamba Rhinos :107
Shakti Gauchan 28*
Sompal Kami 22*
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:21 am

SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Sompal Kami

Gone for a six over Long off
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:19 am

End of over 18

Jagdamba Rhinos : 97 for 4
Sompal Kami 15*
Shakti Gauchan 26*
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:18 am

Four !!!!!!!

Beautiful Shot by Sompal Kami
Jagdamba Rhinos showing their clear Intention as now “its time to go for the big shots”
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:13 am

End of 17th over

Jagdamba Rhinos : 89 for 4
Shakti Gauchan 25*
Sompal 9*
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:12 am

Missed Field by Sonu Tamang and gone for Four

Birat Raya September 25, 201611:11 am

Six!!!!!!!! by Shakti Gauchan over Long on

Birat Raya September 25, 201611:09 am

End of over 16
Jagdamba Rhinos 75 for 4

Shakti Gauchan : 13*
Sompal Kami : 7*
Birat Raya September 25, 201611:04 am

End of over 15

Jagdamba Rhinos 66 for 4
Birat Raya September 25, 201610:57 am


Sushil Kandel Strikes once again
Hasim Ansari departs for golden Duck
Birat Raya September 25, 201610:57 am

Wicket!!!!!!!!!! for Sushil Kandel

Subendu Pandey Departs for 14

Subendu trying to sweep the ball missed it and straight into the wickets.
Birat Raya September 25, 201610:48 am

Wicket!!!!!!!!! Sushil Kandel Strikes, Mahesh Chettri Trying to go for the big shot, missed timed and straight into the hands of Sharad Veswakar

2nd Wicket Down for Jagdamba Rhinos
Birat Raya September 25, 201610:46 am

End of 11th over :

Jagdamba : 51/1

Mahesh Chhetri : 27* , Shubendu Pandey : 10*

Birat Raya September 25, 201610:43 am

SIX ! by Shubendu Pandey , Over Long on

Sameer Niraula September 25, 201610:43 am

Surely it is time for some quick runs but every big hoicks are fetching no results. Finally a respite as a misfield fetches JR a boundary after a long while.

Birat Raya September 25, 201610:39 am

End of Over 9

Jagdamba Rhinos 36 for 1
Mahesh Chettri : 23*
Subendu Pandey 1*
Sameer Niraula September 25, 201610:39 am

Not much of spins in the wicket but it is still early days. Bhuwan Karki concedes just 2 in his first.

Sameer Niraula September 25, 201610:37 am

First signs of spin as Bhuwan Karki comes on for the bowling. JR 35-1 in 8.

Birat Raya September 25, 201610:33 am

Subendu Pandey in as new Batsman in for Jagdamba Rhinos

Birat Raya September 25, 201610:30 am

WICKET !!!!!

Amit Shrestha trying to hit cover drive straight into the hands of Fielder .
Jagdamba Rhinos : 33 for 1
Sameer Niraula September 25, 201610:30 am

WICKET !!!!! First wicket down for the Rhinos as Amit Shrestha is caught at covers.Aarif Sheikh gets a deserved reward for his consistnt bowling.

Birat Raya September 25, 201610:27 am

End of 6th over
Jagdamba Rhinos 29 for 0

Birat Raya September 25, 201610:21 am

End of over 5:

Jagdamba Rhinos 26 for 0
Sameer Niraula September 25, 201610:20 am

Mahesh Chhetri getting into some rhythm as he hoicks a length ball towards the mid-wicket boundary.

Sameer Niraula September 25, 201610:18 am

Mahesh Chettri finding some rhythm as he hoicks a length ball towards the mid-wicket boundary.

Birat Raya September 25, 201610:14 am

Beautiful Straight drive for Four by Mahesh Chettri

Birat Raya September 25, 201610:11 am

Runout chance missed by Aarif sheikh, Batsmen was way out of the crease. The fiellder tried to hit the wicket directly but missed it.

Sameer Niraula September 25, 201610:11 am

Series of dots as the TEZ bowlers are not giving anything away. We are yet to even witness the second boundary of the day.

Birat Raya September 25, 201610:09 am

Panchakanya Tez dominating the early proceedings of the match with brilliant bowling from both the end.

Birat Raya September 25, 201610:05 am

End of over 2

Jagdamba Rhinos 8 -0
Sameer Niraula September 25, 201610:05 am

DROP !!!!! An early chance goes begging as Aarif Sheikh is unlucky to have the catch dropped at backward point off him.

Birat Raya September 25, 201610:04 am

Beautiful Atmosphere at Tu cricket ground.

Aarif Sheikh starting the proceedings for 2nd overs
Birat Raya September 25, 201610:00 am

End of over 1 : Panchakanya Tez 6 for 0

Birat Raya September 25, 20169:57 am

Sameer Niraula September 25, 20169:55 am

Players are making their way into the center with Tez fielding unit leading the way.

Birat Raya September 25, 20169:55 am

Karan KC opening the bowling. Mahesh Chhetri & Amit Shrestha batting.

Birat Raya September 25, 20169:42 am

Match will start at 10 AM.

Birat Raya September 25, 20169:42 am

Shakti Gauchan & Sharad Vesawkar During Toss.

Birat Raya September 25, 20169:38 am

9:38 : Panchakanya Tez have won the toss & elected to Field first.

Sameer Niraula September 25, 20169:34 am

9:30 AM was the earlier scheduled time but owing to weather conditions the toss is yet to take place but the good news is that the sky is clear now and the players are warming up.

Sameer Niraula September 25, 20169:32 am

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the second match of the WaiWai EPL where the 50 overs champions Panchakanya Tez will take on Jagadamba Rhinos. The fixture was adjusted from earlier schedule which means we will have to wait a bit longer to get the first look of Colors X-factors.