Rajesh Chauhan, fitness trainer, “Nepal has a side that can grow world class squad for future.”

To help Nepalese players remain fit during high intensity series (Nepal’s tour of England and Netherlands) and help them recover during stiff schedule, Nepal hired Zimbabwe national team’s former fitness trainer Rajesh Chauhan Jr. He is working with national team ahead of Nepal’s Netherlands tour in Nepal.

Here is the exclusive interview with  fitness trainer of  Rajesh Chauhan Jr, before leaving for England tour, the with WicketNepal.com.

How did you come to Nepal? Who helped you to get here?

After suspension of Cricket Association of Nepal, the International Cricket Council(ICC) took control of cricket in Nepal. I was contacted by Bhawana Ghimire (CEO of CAN) and hired by ICC to work with Nepal.

You have previously worked with Test team Zimbabwe. What are the difference between working for a test side and Nepal?

Every team is new challenges. I will not say that it’s difficult as we are all professionals and understand the importance of fitness and each others role.  I see a lot talent and passion in the Nepalese team for the game. They have very good work ethics and in each session I see them working hard with commitment towards their goal.

Rajesh Chauhan with Nepal cricket team in farewell program for England series.
Rajesh Chauhan with Nepal national cricket team in farewell program for England series.
 You have mentioned in interviews tat John Mooney is one of the fittest player you worked with. How different are Nepalese players rate with him?
Yes, that’s true. He has been working hard for many years under high level professionals which as kept him fit during his playing days. Here, We have many young boys coming out of U19 who are still young, which definitely makes a difference. But, I see that Nepal has a side  have that can grow world class squad for future.

What changes you are doing to Team than before you arriving to keep Nepalese players fit?

I have set some new protocols regarding fitness training and food habits for the side . We work in the gym regularly working hard doing strength and conditioning training.  The players then get into the swimming pool which is basically recovery sessions that keeps them fit and fresh for next day training. We do several different drills for speed and agility work which will keep them on their toes.

We give equal importance if not more to diet of the players. And these method, drills and recovery sessions have now been set has standard protocol during training.

And at last what player needs to do to be fit?

Its tough being a player at any level. They need to train regularly train in the gym to push their bodies to limits, eat healthy.  Adjusting to a lifestyle like that requires a lot sacrifices which is the most difficult thing a player has to do.

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