Nepal is now one step closer to playing the Asia Cup after no results due to rain in the semi-final against Kuwait.

Nepal is now even closer to achieving its dream of playing against India and Pakistan.

The Nepal vs. Kuwait match ended without results at the TU Cricket Ground (Nepal).

Due to Nepal’s higher points in the group table, Nepal advanced to the ACC Premier Cup final.

In the second inning, Kuwait only played 8.3 overs due to the continuous rain. If that hadn’t happened, Kuwait would already have lost six wickets, so they wouldn’t have had the chance to win it.

Captain Mohammed Aslam scored 14 runs in 19 balls, while others weren’t able to cross single digits. Kuwait scored only 37 runs in 8.3 overs, losing six wickets.

Karan KC took a 5-wickets haul, while Sompal Kami took one wicket for Nepal. Nepal conceded one extra run, which included one wide.

Before that, Kuwait won the toss and elected to bowl first. Nepal managed to score 281 runs in 42 overs and lose nine wickets. Captain Rohit Poudel played the 94-run inning, while Kushal Malla played an inning of 57 off 44 balls.

The Nepali opener started by attacking until the second powerplay.

Adnan Idrees and Mohammed Aslam took three wickets each. The Kuwaiti bowlers gave away nine extras, which included seven wides.

The next match of the day is between Oman and the UAE, which was also interrupted due to rain. But UAE wins in the DLS method.

The final match between Nepal and UAE will be a historic match for Nepal if they win it.

The ACC Premier Cup began on April 18 and will end on May 1.

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The winner of the Premier League Cup will have to play against India and Pakistan. Nepal next has a semi-final match on April 29 at TU Cricket Ground.

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